ONT odour neutraliser destroys odours by using a natural broad spectrum odour neutralising formula which has been developed exclusively for industrial and commercial odour control applications.


Manufactured from natural essential oils and plant extracts, ONT is not a perfume or masking agent. When ONT is atomised into the air it destroys common odourous gases by a biodegrading action. Ultra small droplets of ONT are atomised into the environment. The droplet size of the ONT has been carefully calibrated to ensure that the maximum amount of product covers the vicinity of the odourous compounds, ensuring maximum effectiveness, particularly during turbulent air flows.


We have developed an odour neutraliser that is a revolution in odour control. ONT is more effective, safer and is a lower cost alternative to masking agents and toxic chemicals, typically used for industrial and commercial odour control. With the consideration of the industry and sensitive circumstances to where ONT is being used, safety is our first priority in the development of ONT odour neutraliser. Our product is continuously monitored and reviewed in order to achieve an optimal service.


The quality and safety of this product is reflected in the 10 years history of satisfied customers whilst using the ONT products.


Obnoxious odours occur in the environment as a result of degrading biological and chemical waste for example hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and ammonia.


Based on the theory that intermolecular attractions occur between two molecules, the tiny droplets of ONT atomised into the air are attracted to the odourous compounds. Several ONT droplets surround and bind to the odour, forming clusters as the ratio of ONT droplets to the odourous compounds is much higher. The clusters of ONT around the odourous compound quickly neutralise the odour using essential oils. This is based on the theory that two or more odours when bonded may become imperceptible. The weight of the clusters are also too heavy to remain in the air and fall to the ground. Once on the ground natural biodegradation occurs. Such biodegradation takes place within the surrounding ONT cluster thus encapsulating the offensive odour until completely degraded.