Foam is the cause of many problems in a wide range of industrial processes. Whatever the problem may be, we are confident that our clients will benefit from the use of our advance range of foam control products and dosage systems. Our products enable more efficient use of vessel capabilities, faster flocculation and separation, greater control over reactions and a whole host of other benefits.

With a comprehensive range of products we can offer a suitable solution for use in processes from wastewater management to the food processing industry. We recognise that clients requirements differ according to a wide range of variables. We work with our clients to evaluate and eradicate foam problems specific to the clients precise requirements. Our antifoams contains no reportable level of substances considered hazardous to health and exhibits a high degree of stability. The products are quickly dispersible and highly effective. We have a large range of dosing pumps available in either 240v or 110v, we understand that different sites have different requirements and dosing rates. We can arrange inspection visits to ascertain to best system to meet your requirements. We are here to help, tell us about your foam problems and we will economically and effectively solve it.

For further information please contact our sales office.